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Long Hair



Micro Bond Hair Extensions are the smallest, most discreet and versatile way of adding hair extensions.


A high level of technical skill is needed to perform this method and so it is not widely offered in regular salons.  As a specialist salon, we offer this method to our clients who cannot have the micro ring or tape method fitted as their hair is lacking density at the root.


When we first meet a client, usually at a consultation, we start by thinking of how to safely fit hair extensions at the first appointment and for many many years after.  So that - in ten years time we know that we can achieve the same result for a client as we did at their first appointment.

What are micro bond hair extensions?

How Much Do They Cost?


Our Micro Bond Hair Extensions service price includes the cost of the hair and the fitting in one clear price.


Micro Bonds are not re-usable, so no refits are possible with this method.


Micro bond extensions are available from our Knightsbridge, Central London salon from £490.


Before and After

Choose what final look you're trying to achieve and see for yourself how it is all possible at Inhype Beauty !

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